For Higher


Produced by Galactic's Ben Ellman, For Higher was recorded at Fudge Studios in New Orleans for two long days and nights in May of 2011, on the heels of Jazz Fest. Ben assembled an all-star session band featuring George Porter Jr. on bass, Ivan Neville on keys, Anders Osborne on guitar and Simon Lott on drums. The end result is a handful of originals (including one co-write with Eric Krasno of Soulive) and some choice, deep covers.

01. Yeah Man
02. Heartbreak Road
03. Away We Go
04. Head Above Water
05. Here but I'm Gone
06. Burning and Hiding
07. Sweet, Nice 'n' High
08. Just Perfect
09. Dead Set
10. Full Grown Man

Live at Life is good


The band's first ever live album, recorded August 18th, 2011 in the Life is good store on Newbury St. in Boston. A portion of every sale is donated to the Life is good Playmakers, who provide training, resources, and support to the adults dedicated to caring for children facing life-threatening challenges.

Disc 1:
01. Grain of Sand
02. Songbird
03. 75 and Sunny
04. Inspired by No One
05. Chariot (I Know)
06. Slippery Road

Disc 2:
01. Maybe Today
02. Goosefeather
03. Glad
04. Honeymoon Eyes
05. Stay
06. Carry
07. Dead Set
08. I Can't Wait

Heavy on the Vine


RMB's long-awaited third studio release features stripped-down arrangements of 14 new songs, all produced by Martin Sexton. This album was recorded at Camp Street Studios in Cambridge, MA in the spring of 2010, just before the boys left for tour as both Martin's opener and backing band.

01. Slippery Road
02. Songbird
03. I Can't Wait
04. Fix Your Wings
05. Carry
06. Chariot (I Know)
07. Hands

08. Here et al.
09. Love Songs
10. More and More and More
11. My Best Guess
12. Stay
13. Lonesome Serenade
14. Straw in the Wind

Stages: Volume II


These songs were recorded live during a five-city solo tour in the Northeast in the spring of 2009. The final track “More and More and More” was recorded at Crit Harmon's studio that July. From one fantastic little venue to the next, these stages of development are presented for your enjoyment.

01. Chariot (I Know)
02. Maybe Today
03. 75 and Sunny
04. The Boat Song
05. Duncan
06. City
07. This

08. My Best Guess
09. 16 Reasons
10. I Can't Wait
11. Quickie
12. Grain of Sand
13. How Many Times?
14. More and More and More

Patience on Friday


The band returned to the little farm in Woodstock in early 2007 to begin work on this second studio release. From bare vocals with lush string arrangements, to modern rhythm and soul, to two-beat gypsy jazz-like numbers, Patience on Friday stands out as one of their finest works to date.

01. How Many Times? (parts I and II)
02. Draw the Line
03. 75 and Sunny
04. Love and Love Lost
05. Maybe Today
06. Eggs
07. Waiting

“How many Times?” (full version)

08. How Many Times? (part III)
09. This
10. Grain of Sand
11. Gone
12. If it Comes Around
13. How Many Times? (part IV)
14. Shine On

One Fine Color


Released back on Valentine's Day in 2006, this was Ryan Montbleau Band's debut studio effort. The guys spent over two years playing more than 400 shows leading up to the recording of this album at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY. Featuring some of the most-requested staples in the RMB catalogue to date, this album is essential listening for those interested in the band's jumping-off point.

01. Stretch
02. Quickie
03. Inspired by No One
04. One Fine Color
05. (intro)
06. Variety
07. It's All Been Done Before

08. Thick American Skin
09. Under the Gun
10. Honeymoon Eyes
11. The Boat Song
12. (intro)
13. Starting Again



A live solo-acoustic album bringing together some of Ryan's best performances from early 2003. From a coffeeshop, to a small club, to a large theatre, all of these stages are presented for your enjoyment. Includes the highly-requested-but-no-longer-played “Substitute Teacher Blues” back from when Ryan was still teaching as well as a bonus studio recording of “Honeymoon Eyes.”

01. You Crazy You
02. Variety
03. Tell Me Another
04. Two Steps Behind
05. Just Perfect
06. Starting Again
07. Already There
08. A Way With Women
09. Substitute Teacher Blues
10. Stretch
11. Honeymoon Eyes



Ryan's very first album, now permanently out of print though still available in digital formats. Featuring a handful of all-but-forgotten songs, along with a few staples that have never really left the spotlight, this album is for the curious diehards compelled to celebrate the entire catalog.

01. City
02. Shuffling Paper
03. Tuesday Morning
04. Already There
05. Roadtime Rag
06. Variety

07. Sour Grapes
08. Pleasurefields
09. Just Perfect
10. 20 Million People
11. Small Doses
12. All Wet